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BDU’s President Dr. Baylie Damtie has received “AFRICA VICE CHANCELLOR/PRESIDENT/ OF THE YEAR-2017” award from All Africa Students Union (AASU) during the 6th edition of the Union’s summit at the Cape Coast, Ghana from August 18-25, 2017.  The award is given in recognition of Dr. Baylie’s important role in promoting quality higher education in Ethiopia as well as for his immense support for students’ role in governance. The award has also take cognizant of Dr. Baylie’s quest for exceptional excellence and continual improvement within the higher education space in the continent.   All Africa Students Union is a Pan African Students organization formed to galvanize the young people particularly students into all the efforts geared towards the development of the African continent. It was established in 1972 and now has presence in all 55 countries, and has played among other, an important role in the struggle against colonialism and apartheid in Africa.  The union has been honoring personalities and institutions that have distinguished themselves in their areas of endeavor to uplift Africa from its current predicaments.   

Bahir Dar University School of Law has held a one day international curriculum validation workshop to launch PhD program in Law today at Peda Campus, old Senate Hall.  In his introductory remark to the workshop, Ato Alebachew Birhanu, Director of the Law School, noted that because of the ever increasing demand for qualified legal professionals with high level training, the school has decided to expand its horizon of training into doctoral program in law, particularly in public international law and business law.  In the occasion, Ato Alebachew has also made a brief explanation about the law school and the activities it’s been undertaking to become a center of excellence in law and other related fields. The school is among the nation’s leading law schools in areas, such as the quality of education and training it provides and in the innovative postgraduate programs it run, according to Ato Alebachew. The school is also exemplary in terms of having a sustainable and reputable bi-annual legal journal, which has been serving as a forum for legal scholars and practitioners to publish quality manuscripts, he added.   Speaking about the community engagement of the Law School, Ato Alebachew pointed out that the school has been providing free legal aid service to the vulnerable members of the society here in Bahir Dar and the surrounding woredas by involving its teaching staff as well as students.  In his opening remark to the workshop BDU’s Vice President for academic affairs, Dr. Matebe Tafere said that the lunching of the PhD program by the Law School is in line with the university’s vision of becoming one of a premier research university in Africa by 2025.  Given the critical need for highly trained legal professionals in the country, it is imperative for the School of Law to launch PhD program. This is specially necessary to ensure continuity in the knowledge building, keeping up-to-date with newly emerging rudiments in the legal system of the country as well as the global system.  BDU School of Law is going to be the Second law School in Ethiopia in launching PhD program in law preceded by Addis Ababa University School of Law just by one year.   In the workshop, external reviewers from Addis Ababa University; Ghent University, Belgium; Kutztown University USA, and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, UK have participated.  In addition, the School will also hold a curriculum review workshop tomorrow (25th of August, 2017) in order to launch additional two new masters programs (LLM in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, and MA in Governance and Development Studies).

BDU and Gafat Endowment have signed memorandum of understanding aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two institutions in research, capacity building trainings, business development and financial administration in the fields of agriculture, construction, water well drilling, consultancy, agro processing and manufacturing on mutually benefiting basis. BDU’s vice president for Information and Strategic Communication Dr. Fikreselam Gared and General Manager of Gafat endowment Mr. Shimels Belachew have signed the memorandum today at wisdom tower. 

The Blue Nile water Institute of Bahir Dar University is one of the newly established research institute with the objective of carrying out applied and basic researches on water resources utilization, development and management in the Blue Nile Basin.  Within this framework the institute has been undertaking different research works in collaboration with national and international institutions.   Today, the institute has received research data collection equipments as a donation from Wisconsin, Jhons Hopkins and other universities of USA.  The equipments are ideal for field research data collection and would take the work of the institute into heights, said the director of the institute Dr. Aseged Gashaw. 

BDU Staff member and researcher at Washera Geospace and Radar Laboratory, Dr. Melessew Nigussie, has won the 2017 prestigious American Geophysical Union’s Africa Award for Research Excellence in Space Science.

American Geophysical Union (AGU), the world’s largest organization of Earth and space scientists, recognizes individuals every year through a renowned honor program for their exceptional achievements, outstanding contributions and service to the scientific community andattainment of eminence in Earth or space science fields, and this year’s award is given to Dr. Melessew Nigussie as the best space physics researcher in Africa.

Bahir Dar University boldly appreciates the achievement

Bahir Dar University College of Medicine and Health Science has hosted the fourth consortium of Medical Schools in Ethiopia. The consortium was held for two consecutive days at Grad Resort and Spa meeting hall.

The consortium is the union of public and private medical schools across Ethiopia and created with the objective of improving the medical education system of the country by increasing the number of physicians and quality of training. It has also aimed at human capacity building through enhanced recruitment of qualified academic medical faculty members.
A discussion on the current national medical school curriculum was one of the agenda in the consortium. Faculty members from different medical Schools have presented papers and also shared their respective school experience in teaching medical and health science.

Representatives of medical schools and other institutions including the Director of Human Resource Development Directorate at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Getachew Tola, have attended the consortium.

The participants have also visited BDU’s new medical campus and hospital. 

An International Faculty Development Program will be held from 10th -14th of July 2017 at Chandigarh University, India. It is a program where experts and faculty members from different countries and fields interact with to share the important advancements in their respective institution. This year more than 40 international experts from 15 countries will attend and present about their university. 
From Ethiopia, BDU’s Vice President for Information and Strategic Communication, Dr. Fikreselam Gared and BDU’s Project Coordination Office Director, Dr Addisu Mekonen will be presenting about Bahir Dar University in the forum.
It is known that BDU has signed a memorandum of understanding with Chandigarh University earlier this year to work together on various issues.


Institute of Economic Research (IER) at BDU is going to hold a workshop on urban poverty on November 29, 2014 on the present economic circumstances of the ANRS. The workshop, based on the research conducted by the institute, will be focusing on the analysis of the situations of poverty in the regional towns, and discuss different policy ideas with relevant stakeholders.

Multidimensional issues related to the economic realities of the ANRS will be dealt with and critical policy ideas are expected to be suggested to the regional government, said the Director of Institute of Economic Research Dr. Thedros Bakaffa.

The presence of top regional government officials, including the President of ANRS, Mr. Gedu Andargachew, researchers of the Institute of Economic Research (IER) and other pertinent stakeholders will give enormous boost to the workshop.

Bahir Dar University in collaboration with USAID and CIAFS project conducted a symposium on how climate change negatively affects agricultural productivity and sustainable food security in Ethiopia. The symposium took place on 15th and 16th of November, 2014.

BDU’s Vice President for Research and Community Services Dr Tesfaye Shiferaw, welcoming the participants on the occasion, said that the objective of the symposium is directly or indirectly related to the three pillars of the university. The dialogue is instrumental to practically mitigate the challenges of climate change.

The symposium has the objective of assuring food security through creating an agricultural society that can stand the challenges of climate change. Good practices among the farmers that are related to adapting to climate change will be considered in the curriculum, and will be made accessible to policy makers.

Climate change has a huge negative impact on farmers in Ethiopia, said CIAF Project Director, Dr Teshome Lemma. “Building lasting green economy requires skilled human resource on environmental science is required.” Dr Teshome. Discussion was made on launching postgraduate program in natural recourse management.

US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mrs  Patricia Haslach, paid an official visit to BDU'S Maritime Academy on 18th November, 2014.Bahir University and YCF Group are sharing the vision of creating jobs and bright future for young people in Ethiopia, said the General Manager of the Maritime Academy, Mr. Jordan Buchler.

These young people acquire experiences, valuable knowledge and new ideas and return to Ethiopia and build new industries, added Mr. Jordan Buchler.

“If we steer this course, Ethiopia will position itself internationally as reliant, proficient and high quality human resource for the international maritime industry.” Mr. Jordan Buchler. 

The President of Bahir Dar University, Dr Baylie Damtie, said on the event that Ethiopia is blessed with rich a natural resource among which human resources is the one. 

Maritime is an exemplary academy in job creation to young people in the country; we will strengthen the academy and keep moving forward to seize new opportunities, Dr Baylie.

US ambassador to Ethiopia, Mrs. Patricia Haslach, said that Ethiopia and USA have a century old diplomatic relationship that has grown to the present strong diplomatic partnership between the two countries.

Ethiopia as one of the fastest growing economies in the world and in the words of President Obama ‘one of the bright spots of Africa’, is strong trade, peacekeeping and conflict resolution partner of the USA, Mrs. Patricia stressed. 

Today the three pillars of the bilateral relationship between the two countries includes: economic growth and development, democracy, governance, human rights and regional peace and security. The two countries are in good partnership in relation to trade, people-to-people ties are flourishing, Mrs. Patricia.

The Academy which is run by the support of US Company, YCF group, is a mark of the sound relationship between the two countries, Mrs. Patricia.

American embassy staff and distinguished guests, Academy staff and cadets and BDU management and staff have attended the function.