Message from the Director

Dear Viewers,

Welcome to the Research Directorate page.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to our research activities at Bahir Dar University.

Bahir Dar University is working to be one of the best African Research Universities and to accomplish this the university has established four units where research activities are implemented (at present  there are 1642 ongoing research activities).

The first unit encompasses all Central Research Activities which are managed by the office of Research and Community Service Vice President and focuses on special strategic and/or current National or Regional issues. The second unit is the Research Centers/Institutes which are working to be center of excellence in selected thematic disciplines and managed by Center Directors. Eight Research centers/institutes are currently involved in specialized research activities. The third unit comprises all research activities of 12 Academic Units of the University which includes both staff and student (MSc and PhD) research work. The last unit includes all research projects funded by external sources and are managed by the project management directorate.

We are establishing research grade laboratories in different units and our facilities are being used by researchers from institutes of national and international partners.

Our research objectives range from basic research and finding solutions to immediate problems to specialized and tailored questions. Thematic areas of special emphasis selected for each unit and all research projects are bound to be within the thematic areas.

Research discoveries are transferred through different mechanisms, including: educational and training programs, technology transfer, policy recommendations, and publications. Researchers of our University have contributed more than 700 publications published in Web of Science so far.

We are working with several national and international stakeholders and hope to see more to be our partners and collaborators.

I would like to thank all those supporting us and contributing to our effort to realize the Vision and mission of the university. 

Thank you for visiting                                                                    


                                                                                                            Bizuayehu Kerisew

                                                                                                            Research Director (PhD)

Bahir Dar University