Research Organizational Structure

The research is organized as a separate entity directly accountable to the President and headed by a Vice president of its own with equal legislative powers as the other three vice presidents.

As the University moves forward to achieving the vision of the University, the a series of actions were taken: establishing the Research and Community Services Office (since 2003 EC at a capacity of a Vice President), formerly the Research and Publications Office, placing three senior experts (directors) at the University level one for each of Research, Community Services and Technology Transfer and the further assignment of 12 Coordinators (one for each academic unit- Faculty, College, Institute, School). The measures indicate the seriousness of the University management towards achieving a research University.



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 The Research Process

  1. Review policy and strategic documents
  2. Identify problems and prioritize them and assess customers needs
  3. Set themes
  4. Develop research proposal
  5. Secure fund
  6. Conduct research
  7. Adaptation of available technology
  8. Generation of new technology
  9. Transfer technology/knowledge