Bahir Dar Workshop on Adult Literacy and Learning
Unesco Chair Event, GALACAST Conference Manila 2019
Unesco Chair Event, GALACAST Conference Manila 2019
Health Literacy Workshop
Some of Merigeta Sahilu's students studying after helping him with harvesting 'Gesho' [Rhamnus prinoides] (leaves of this plant are used to make local alcoholic beverages 'tella’ and ‘areqi')
Hut houses built by church students around a church where church education is taking place
Neighboring families attending coffee ceremony at Gebre-Sillassie's house in Bahir Dar
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This webpage is prepared as part of the University of East Anglia's Global Research Translation Award/GRTA (ref. EP/T015411/1), which is part of the "Meeting the SDGs: creating innovative infrastructures and policy solutions to support sustainable development in Global South communities (GS - DEV)" award. The award is funded by United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), part of the UK's Official Development Assistance.

A new way of science communication - Documentary Video on GRTA-funded Family Literacy Project Released

As part of the GRTA-funded family literacy, indigenous learning and sustainable development project in Ethiopia, the BDU team prepared a documentary video. The video presents the research findings of the project, and outlines the background of the UEA UNESCO Chair and the project. The BDU Information and Strategic Communications Vice President Office supported the making of this video technically. Footages were recorded on research sites, but at a different time than data collection. Besides, the interviews for the study data were different from the ones on the video.

Policy Brief Prepared

A policy brief of the GRTA-funded Family Literacy and indigenous learning project is prepared by the UEA UNESCO Chair in Adult Literacy and Learning for Social Transformation team at Bahir Dar University. As its background, the policy brief used findings from fieldwork, literature review and ideas discussed by participants of the dissemination workshop held in February 2022 in Bahir Dar on this project. It can be downloaded freely by anyone interested.