On-going, Suspended and New Approved Researches

1. Evaluation and pesticide formulation of potent botanicals against maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais)

2. Comparative Evaluation of Morphological and Performance Traits of Farta sheep, Washera sheep and Their Crosses in Selected Districts of West Amhara, Ethiopia.

3. Phenomic and Genomic selection of dairy cattle for enhancing milk production and climate change adaptation in selected production and model sites of Western Amhara, Ethiopia.

4. Developing better performing Tilapia strain (Orochromis niloticus) from indigenous population in Ethiopia.

5. Population Ecology, genomic characterization and aquaculture suitability analysis of Varicorhinus beso in selected areas of lake Tana catchments

6. Nitrogen fixation Potential and genetic diversity of  White Lupin (Lupinus albus ) Nodulating Rhiobia isolated from Soils of North Western Ethiopia

7. Screening and identification of wheat stem rust resistance in landraces of Amhara major wheat growing areas

8. Polymorphism analyses of KISS1 and GPR54 candidate genes and their association with multiple births for marker-assisted selection (MAS) breeding intervention in Menz sheep community-based breeding program

9. Temporal and Spatial Difference in Genetic Diversity of Tef in North West Ethiopia Using ISSR markers

10. Phenomic and Genomic selection of indigenous dairy goat and developing sustainable breeding strategies in selected districts of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

11. Reproductive performances of cross-bred cows (F1 and F2) and genetic diversity of indigenous cattle in the Amhara region, Ethiopia

12. Characterization and Investigation to Climate Change Adaptation of Indigenous Goats as a base for developing Diary Goat Breeding Strategy