On-going, Suspended and New Approved Researches

2020/21 Research activities

1. Project Title: Characterization of the Genetic Diversity of Indigenous Cattle Breeds and Chicken Eco-types in Northwest Ethiopia

2. Project Title: Mechanistic Insight in to the Epidemiology of Model Infectious and Chronic Diseases in Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia


2019/20 On-going Research activities 


  1. Phenotypic and Genetic Characterization and Design of Community based Breeding Programs for two Indigenous Goat Populations of Ethiopia
  2. Quantifying genetic diversity and designing community- based breeding programs for improvement of indigenous sheep in N/western Ethiopia
  3. Biocontrol of an alien invasive weed, Parthenium hysterophorus L. expansion using botanicals and suppressive grass species
  4. Developing better performing Tilapia strain (Orochromis niloticus) from indigenous population in Ethiopia.


Health biotechnology

  1. Genetic, lifestyle and environmental determinants of breast cancer risk among patient attending in selected referral hospitals of Amhara region, Ethiopia: Case-Control study