Completed Research activities


  • Evaluation of the insecticidal capacity  of Ethiopian drink  against maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais)
  • Utility and Impact of Virologic Monitoring of ART in Resource Limited Setting, Ethiopia: Cohort of People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Investigation of enzyme production for Textile Wet mill  Processing Enzymes: A Case of Bahir Dar Textile factory


  • Genetic Characterization of Tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] Accessions Using Morphological Traits and SSR Markers
  • Comparative Evaluation of Morphological and Performance Traits of Farta sheep, Washera sheep and Their Crosses in Selected Districts of West Amhara, Ethiopia.
  • Phenomic and Genomic selection of dairy cattle for enhancing milk production and climate change adaptation in selected production and model sites of Western Amhara, Ethiopia. 
  • Population Ecology, genomic characterization and aquaculture suitability analysis of Varicorhinus beso in selected areas of lake Tana catchments
  • Nitrogen fixation Potential and genetic diversity of White Lupin (Lupinus albus ) Nodulating Rhiobia isolated from Soils of North Western Ethiopia:
  • Screening and identification of wheat stem rust resistance in landraces of Amhara major wheat growing areas
  • Polymorphism analyses of KISS1 and GPR54 candidate genes and their association with multiple births for marker-assisted selection (MAS) breeding intervention in Menz sheep community-based breeding program
  • Temporal and Spatial Difference in Genetic Diversity of Tef in North West Ethiopia Using ISSR markers
  • Phenomic and Genomic selection of indigenous dairy goat and developing sustainable breeding strategies in selected districts of Amhara Region, Ethiopia
  • Reproductive performances of cross-bred cows (F1 and F2) and genetic diversity of indigenous cattle in the Amhara region, Ethiopia
  • Characterization and Investigation to Climate Change Adaptation of Indigenous Goats as a base for developing Diary Goat Breeding Strategy