Plant Biotechnology

Plant Biotechnology Thematic Areas

1.1 Marker Assisted Breeding

  • Genetic  mapping
  • Breeding for stress tolerance and disease resistance
  • Molecular plant breeding for high yield, nutritional quality and disease resistance

1.2 Tissue Culture

  • Micro-propagation of true to type,  disease free planting materials
  • Embryo rescue for wide crosses
  • Haploid and double haploid production
  • In vitro selection
  • Artificial seed production
  • Production of  somaclonal variants

1.3 Biodiversity

  • Characterization and conservation of plant germplasm resources
  •  Increased creation of novel genetic and hybrid variability

1.4 Agricultural Microbiology and Plant-Microbe Association

  • Production of legume inoculants/rhizobial-based bio-fertilizers
  •  Bio-prospecting of new nitrogen fixing species of bacteria and mycorrhizae