First fish migration day celebrated

BDU:Ethiopia celebrated the first world fish migration day in mass rally in the streets of Bahir Dar Town. The theme of the celebration was “Protect the Unique Fish Species Flock of Lake Tana”.

The main objective of the celebration was to increase public awareness about the situation of fish of Lake Tana. A Television panel discussion organized by Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) has been held on the occasion.

More than 500 people from various institutions, staff and students from Bahir Dar University participated on the event. The mass street rally was headed by Amhara Regional State Police Marsh Band.

At the end of the rally, there were presentations and discussions about the status and core threats of Lake Tana’s fish resources, especially focusing on the only endemic Labeobarbus species flock left in the world. BDU’s Vice Prsident for Academic Affairs, Dr. Firew Tegegne, has indicated that immediate coordination is needed among various institution.

Abay Basin Authority, Tana Sub-Basin Organization and Bureau of Environmental Protection, Land Administration and Use (BoEPLAU) shall take greater responsibility in the conservation and sustainable utilizations of the aquatic resources of Lake Tana. Universities, research institutions and other concerning organizations need to make Lake Tana their focus.