Remote Sensing Department

Remote Sensing Department

Welcome to the Remote Sensing research unit

The purpose of the remote sensing research department is to conduct research on remote sensing and its application to the environment, archival of remote sensing data. The remote sensing research activities are based on the following major thematic areas;

  1. Photogrammetry
  2. Providing RS training
  3. Conducting researches on natural resource management (NRM), disaster risk management, land use/land cover dynamics, land suitability, environmental impact assessment (EAI)
  4. Consultancy service
  5. Satellite image acquisition, processing, interpreting and archiving
  6. Make outputs and information available for end users, other stakeholders and policy makers.
  7. Developing early-warning and real-time monitoring system for crop, flood, vegetation and drought monitoring.

The huge data set on satellite imageries, research outputs, field data, and other remote sensing related data are being archived in the center database unit and open to researchers and community service providers. The research and community service at Remote Sensing Department involves applying state-of-the-art remote sensing, photogrammetry and GPS technologies to hydrology, agriculture, and natural resources. The research is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative involving experts from several disciplinary fields of the university and other partners.

For example, remotely sensing based researches are being used to conduct land cover and hydrologic change analyses at Abay basin and Tana sub-basin, to generate crop yield maps, estimating evapotranspiration in agricultural lands and to identify and monitor food insecured areas of Amhara region. The unit conduct intensive field data collection and use the datasets to calibrate remote sensing research out puts.

In academics, the remote sensing research unit contributes to all under and postgraduate departments of Bahir Dar University in RS software packages, data and teaching activities. This Center also provides services for many organizations outside the university and give support to students.

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