Postgraduate Program

The Sport Academy offers master of sport science in different coaching specializations such as Athletics, Basketball, Football, Handball and Volleyball for two years program plus thesis.


Course requirement

For the MSc program a minimum of 26 credit hours are required for graduation. Moreover, students should conduct a research work and produce thesis.

Admission requirement

Applicants should posses an appropriate bachelor degree or equivalent professional certification (such as Physical education or sports science, Physiology, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Sport Sociology, Sports Psychology, etc. and other related fields) from an accredited college/university will be allowed to join the program.

  • Other entrance requirements set by the university as indicated in the university legislation.
  • At least 3 testimonies should be presented during application
  • The grade point average should be 2.00
  • 2 year of service but with the demands of the work place service might not be a requirement

Duration of the study

The MSc program in sport science takes two years in the regular program. Three years are required for both summer and extension program students to complete their study,But the duration can be extend with the consensuses of the academy graduate council (AGC) based on tangible and convincing reasons presented to it.

Graduation requirements

The candidate should score a minimum of cumulative GPA of 3.00 in the course work and a pass grade in the MSc thesis work for graduation.


After completing MSc in Sport Science, i.e., Basketball coaching, Handball coaching, Football coaching, Athletics coaching, Volleyball coaching, each graduate will have the knowledge and skills to:

-          Work as a coach, manager and teacher

-          Conduct problem solving research in his/her major field of study

-          Write and present scientific papers

Graduation requirements

Students will be eligible for graduation upon successful completion of all specified courses and a thesis, which must be written and defended and concluded with a pass mark. No “F” should be scored in any of the courses taken and must be with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

Assessment and evaluation

Course work

  • Assignments
  • Mid semester examination
  • Final semester examination
  • Seminars- presentation and lecture
  • Project works if any

Practical courses

  • Field reports
  • Game analysis
  • Peer coaching
  • Practical examination
  • Written examination

Thesis/ seminars/ report

  • presentation
  • Proposal writing
  • Progress report
  • Defence of the final thesis