undergraduate program

The undergraduate program in academy of sport is in Bachelor of Science in Sport Science

Admission Requirements

Students who join the department shall meet the following criteria

  • who has successfully completed the preparatory program or equivalent qualification
  • Who pass TVET level 3-5 competency assessment: have a 2 years relevant industry experience, and pass in the national higher education entrance examination
  • who is physically and mentally healthy
  • who will pass the entrance skill & physical performance test set by the sport department

Graduate Profile

Up on the completion of the study period the graduates from the department of Sport Science:-

  • give technical and professional advice to the community in the field of sport;
  • able to promote skill development who can understand and respect the social and cultural value of the people;
  • serve in the Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, in various aspects of sport activities;
  • serve as graduate assistant in higher institutions after post graduate diploma in teaching;
  • can serve different sport federations as administrators and technical officers;
  • serve as organizers for clubs, athletes and fitness centers;
  • train different sport teams and clubs;
  • can manage minor sport injuries;
  • involve as fitness instructors in different health oriented fitness centers or gymnasiums;
  • contribute their professional knowledge and skill to improve the health statues of the society;
  • provide professional services for governmental and nongovernmental organization;
  • hold fitness centers as a coach and recommend exercises for the maintenance of fitness (weight management) and some health disorders;
  • implement primary heath care activities like promotion of health education services, prevention and control of major hypo kinetic diseases;

The Demand of Qualified Manpower

The desire revealed in the new educational and training policy document, the need assessment conducted shows strong demand for the major stockholder i.e. Ministry of Education and Sport Commissions’ as well as federations at the national level, regional bureau of the education and youth and sport, private schools and Universities.

Graduates of the Department of sport science would primarily employed by the Ministry of Education and Sport Commission. In addition as experiences has shown that they are in the best interests of other governmental and non-governmental organization such as:-

  • Private colleges and secondary schools
  • Youth's and Sport Centers
  • Zone/wereda sport Offices
  • Sport federations and etc.

  Graduation Requirements

 Candidates for a B.Sc. degree in Sport Science must fulfill the following points.

  • Will have to take a minimum of 109 credit hours.
  • Will have a minimum CGPA of 2.00 at the time of   graduation
  • With no “F “grade in any course.