Mission and Vision


The vision of the school of Earth Sciences is to be a center of excellence in geosciences by being a leading institute in provision of higher education in teaching and research and to provide world-class education for students at all levels by involving them in research, offering comprehensive, innovative curricula and field work and practical experiences, focusing on student learning outcomes, and preparing them for successful careers so they can create, innovate, and lead the geosciences into the region and country. Moreover, to produce well trained geoscientist those are responsive to the needs of individuals, industry and society in the Amhara region and country.


The mission of our school is to create and effectively disseminate fundamental knowledge about Earth sciences, its natural resources, and the processes by which it changes, to train students and future leaders, and educate the society about geological sciences such as resource exploitation and proper utilization through research and community service activities in the region. Moreover, we are committed to integrate, synthesize, and apply geologic knowledge to societal problems, such as the sustainable use of energy and surface and ground water resources, the identification and mitigation measures of risks caused by natural hazards, and anthropogenic effects on the environment. In order to successfully implement the vision and mission that we have set for ourselves, we must make significant headway in a number of areas related to our teaching-learning, research and community service.