Bahir Dar Workshop on Adult Literacy and Learning
Unesco Chair Event, GALACAST Conference Manila 2019
Unesco Chair Event, GALACAST Conference Manila 2019
Health Literacy Workshop
Some of Merigeta Sahilu's students studying after helping him with harvesting 'Gesho' [Rhamnus prinoides] (leaves of this plant are used to make local alcoholic beverages 'tella’ and ‘areqi')
Hut houses built by church students around a church where church education is taking place
Neighboring families attending coffee ceremony at Gebre-Sillassie's house in Bahir Dar
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This webpage is prepared as part of the University of East Anglia's Global Research Translation Award/GRTA (ref. EP/T015411/1), which is part of the "Meeting the SDGs: creating innovative infrastructures and policy solutions to support sustainable development in Global South communities (GS - DEV)" award. The award is funded by United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), part of the UK's Official Development Assistance.

Family Literacy and Learning GRTA Project Outputs Launched

The "Family Literacy, Indigenous Learning and Sustainable Development", project has been running from 2019 to the end of March 2022. It is awarded for the University of East Anglia by the Global Research Translation Award (GRTA) (ref. EP/T015411/1). The project has both research and intervention components.
In the Dissemination Workshop of this project, held on February 25/2022 at Unison Hotel, Bahir Dar, the following project outputs were launched.

Memorial for Professor Lalage Jean Bown held

A memorial event was held for Professor Lalage Jean Bown on February 24/2022 in Bahir Dar. Professor Lalage Bown (May 23/1927 to December 17/2021) is a prominent scholar in the area of adult literacy, who passed away recently. The life and works of Professor Lalage Bown were presented and discussed, and lessons that participants can learn were drawn. Around 30 people took part in this event (academics from the 12 Universities where they have Adult Education Departments; and all regional and city administration Adult Education experts in Ethiopia).

A Professional Association of Adult and Lifelong Learning and Community Development (ALLCD) Established

A professional association of adult, lifelong learning and community development professionals on February 24/2022. The founding members used the opportunity of coming together for a training and workshop on family literacy in Bahir Dar for the formation of a professional association, as there is no such a big gathering of experts of the Adult Education field in the country. Although the discussion started informally in 2019, further steps were not undertaken to realize the desired association.