Advanced Web Design and Development Training

Targeted Technology Institute, which is IT training and consultancy firm in USA, in collaboration with Bahir Dar Institute Technology of Bahir Dar University, specifically, ICT4D research center and faculty of computing have arranged a robust training in website design and development. The training is a fully practical training and completion of the training is evaluated with successful development of enterprise scale, interactive and responsive websites by each trainee. The training contains the following two courses.

  1. Course I: Beginner to Intermediate Web Design and Development
    • Part 1: Basics of HTML, CSS (24 hrs Class and 24 hrs Project)
    • Part 2: Web development with Wordpress (40 hrs Class and 40 hrs Project)
  2. Course II: Web development with Javascript and Node.js
    • Part 0: Introduction with Databases with MySQL (12 hrs class and 12 hrs project)
    • Part 1: Javascript (40 hrs class - 40 hrs project)
    • Part 2: Node.js (24 hrs class - 24 hrs project)

The trainees of the courses are supposed to be:

  • Energetic to learn by doing
  • Dedicated to complete the two courses (Course I and Course II above)
  • Have at least completed second year university study
  • Have taken at least introduction to programing
  • From Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics fields

Please follow the link below to register for the Advanced Web Design and Development training.

Note that:  This “Advance Web Design and Development Training” is offered in collaboration between Bahir Dar Technology Institute (“The Host”) and Targeted Technology Institute, MD, USA (Collaborator) to students, staffs and community members of Bahir Dar University. While the training is going to be offered FREE OF CHARGE for the trainees, both the host and collaborator incur tremendous cost to run this program. As such, any participating trainee should understand the value of this training and ensure the maximum commitment from start to end of the program. Certificate of completion will only be offered to those who attended the training 100% and satisfy the program requirements, including, but not limited to completing and submitting projects on time and with the desired level of quality. This collaboration is intended to enhance the practical skill levels of Ethiopian youth in web development so that they can compete both locally and on the global job market.


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