Family Literacy and Learning GRTA Project Outputs Launched

The "Family Literacy, Indigenous Learning and Sustainable Development", project has been running from 2019 to the end of March 2022. It is awarded for the University of East Anglia by the Global Research Translation Award (GRTA) (ref. EP/T015411/1). The project has both research and intervention components.
In the Dissemination Workshop of this project, held on February 25/2022 at Unison Hotel, Bahir Dar, the following project outputs were launched.

 Training Manuals
As part of this project, three training manuals (Family Literacy and Learning; Community Learning Centres (CLCs); and Facilitation Skills) were prepared and 200 copies of each manual were duplicated. These manuals were distributed to the concerned stakeholders.
 Synthesis Report
Synthesis report of the four country reports has been prepared and duplicated in the UK (published with ISBN) and it was distributed for some of the workshop participants.
 Country Report
Ethiopia’s Research report has been prepared and duplicated (published with ISBN) and it was distributed for all workshop participants. 120 copies were duplicated.
 Executive Summary
Not only country report, but also an executive summary for the Country Report has been prepared in Amharic and English and duplicated (200 copies). The English and Amharic versions are merged as one book, with a total of 32 pages. All workshop participants were given the executive summary.
 Poster
The Project Team prepared a poster to inform the study result and to promote family literacy and learning for wider audience. 200 copies have been duplicated and all workshop participants were given the poster.
 Documentary Film
To make the study results accessible in diverse formats, a documentary film/video has also been prepared for this project. The documentary film was inaugurated/shown on the workshop to present the project and study background as well as study results in audio-visual format.
 Website
In this project, a child website ( has also been developed under the main Bahir Dar University Website. The preparation of the website is meant to document and communicate the activities of the project and the UEA UNESCO Chair at Bahir Dar University. The website was launched on the workshop.
 In the workshop, it has been expressed that a Policy Brief, Research Article, a Book Chapter and Poster Stand are being prepared by the project team members.
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