Memorial for Professor Lalage Jean Bown held

A memorial event was held for Professor Lalage Jean Bown on February 24/2022 in Bahir Dar. Professor Lalage Bown (May 23/1927 to December 17/2021) is a prominent scholar in the area of adult literacy, who passed away recently. The life and works of Professor Lalage Bown were presented and discussed, and lessons that participants can learn were drawn. Around 30 people took part in this event (academics from the 12 Universities where they have Adult Education Departments; and all regional and city administration Adult Education experts in Ethiopia). In this event, the presentation focused on the biography, and works of Professor Lalage. Audio and video clips of her were presented to the participants. Some of the participants recalled that Mr. Mamo Kebede Shenkute presented his works back in 2019. Accordingly, they praised the fact that a memorial event is organized for such influential people in the field of Adult Education like Professor Lalage. The participants affirmed the importance of valuing and respecting our professional seniors.
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