A Professional Association of Adult and Lifelong Learning and Community Development (ALLCD) Established

A professional association of adult, lifelong learning and community development professionals on February 24/2022. The founding members used the opportunity of coming together for a training and workshop on family literacy in Bahir Dar for the formation of a professional association, as there is no such a big gathering of experts of the Adult Education field in the country. Although the discussion started informally in 2019, further steps were not undertaken to realize the desired association. Accordingly, a launching meeting was held for a professional association with a name: “Adult, Lifelong Learning and Community Development Professionals’ Association”. The draft rules for the association have been prepared ahead and presented for the participants. After discussions and modifications, they were agreed upon and ratified. And then, election of association management took part. Accordingly, here is the list of association management and their role:
1. Mr. Abiy Menkir - the chairperson
2. Mr. Ermiyas Tsehay - Vice chairperson
3. Ms. Yeraswork Megersa – Secretary
4. Mr. Haftu Birhanu – Cashier
5. Mr. Seyoum Tilahun – Supervisor
6. Dr. Reta Melaku – Finance Head and Accountant
7. Mr. Dereje Alemu – Public Relations
8. Mr. Aknaw Mekuria - Auditor
All the legally required processes and documents are prepared. These will soon be submitted to the concerned body in Addis Ababa. It is expected that the team will receive the certificate indicating a legally formed association upon submission of the application documents.