Training provided on Family Literacy and Learning; Community Learning Centres (CLCs) and Facilitation Skills for All Zones of ANRS Adult Education Experts and Facilitators

The UNESCO Chair Programme at Bahir Dar University has organized and provided training on the concepts of family literacy and learning, community learning centres (CLCs) and facilitation skills as part of the Family Literacy International Project.
The training was provided from 17-19 February/2022 to the Amhara National Regional State Education Bureau, all Zones and City administrations of the Region, experts and facilitators all CLCs (both operational and planned), and Woreda/District level experts and facilitators in Bahir Dar. All in all, 90 trainees participated in 2 rounds of training on the same topics.
Upon the request of the Regional Education Bureau, time was allotted for discussion on technical and administrative issues of adult education in the Amhara Region with all participants. Accordingly, Mr. Mulaw Abebe, Deputy Head of the Amhara Regional Education Bureau led the discussion. This was a hot session where candid discussions of challenges and opportunities of the region’s adult education sector were raised.