Message from the Director

Bahir Dar University has a vision of becoming one of the top ten premier research universities in Africa. From the teaching, research and community service core missions of the university, the community service wing established the science outreach program to disseminate the university science and technology developments to the wider community through interventions at schools. The science and technology outreach program of the university was established in 2011 and is addressing the wider school community with different modalities of science and technology delivery. Since 2014, the outreach program was extended to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program. The center is providing the STEM services to the school and other local communities with its full fledged STEM campus using the university's human and material resources through the following activities:
• Project advising and incubating school students’ project works and creativity
• Organizing and supporting of school Science and Technology clubs
• Provision of laboratory based hands-on education for talented school students, through:
• an after-school short term training,
• Summer training (outreach),
• Campus shared Science Program (Grades 9 to 12) and
• STEM camp programs during the semester breaks.
• Developing and disseminating teaching and learning resources like:
• audio and video files,
• reference books,
• laboratory manuals,
• learning/teaching software and
• standardized exam items;
• Providing library, internet and laboratory services to students and teachers in elementary, secondary and preparatory schools.
• Provision of short term hands-on training on teaching science, and mathematics through playing/fun
• Developing museum outdoor and indoor exhibits and helping the community as a whole to learn through visits and playing
• Familiarizing the role of gardening practice for education to nearby schools and community.

BDU STEM Center Current and Future Plans:
 Establishment of STEM Museum,
 Providing Mobile STEM Laboratory for schools in urban and rural areas,
 TV program in STEM for school students and community,
 Summer and Semester break STEM Camps,
 Technology Gardening
 Strengthening the existing ones:
 STEM Campus shared program,
 School Science and Technology clubs,
 Organizing STEM fairs (University, Regional and National levels),
 Project Competitions,
 STEM networking for wider STEM access (Regional and National levels)
 Digital Library,
 Gardening,
 Science labs for lower grades (1-6),
 Executing Longitudinal research on STEM process at BDU

Together with you all our stakeholders, we will make a difference in the development of conducive STEM environments in our schools. Please have a look at our website, and give us your valuable comments for the betterment of our community services through STEM Center.

Tesfaye Shiferaw Bogale (PhD)
Bahir Dar STEM Center Director
Phone: +251-918353445