The Second BDU Math Camp Program is conducted from July 1 to 13,2014

The 2nd Bahir Dar University Math Camp Program, 1st -13th July 2014
After hosting a very successful math camp for students and teachers last summer, in 2013, Bahir Dar University is again hosting a 2nd math camp from July 1 through July 13. The theme of the camp is “Learning Mathematics through Fun” and the main objective is to instill a love and passion for mathematics among local students. Mathematical concepts are taught through games, computer programs, and sports.
The opening ceremony was held on Monday July 7 and the students were welcomed by Dr. Essey Kebede, the Dean of Science College, and Dr. Desalegn Ejigu, the Coordinator of Research and Community Service in Science College.
A total of 90 students from grades 7 to 11 and from 20 different governmental and private schools participated (Teyma, Tsehay Gibat, Sertse Dingil, Tana Haik, Ghion, Dilchibo, Meskerem, Yekatit, Kukual Meda, Dona Berber, Fasilo and Bahir Dar Zuria, SOS secondary and preparatory School, Catholic secondary and preparatory school, ADM secondary school, Bahir Dar Academy, Horizon Academy,), accompanied by eight teachers. 2 Bahir Dar University graduating class students and 8 last summer camp participant students are also participating in the camp. The Camp is organized by 14 lecturers from Bahir Dar University (13 from Mathematics and 1 from Physics department) together with 1 regional and 5 international volunteers, bringing the total number of participants to 120.

Tue, 07/15/2014
Bahir Dar University