Science Fair Projects

Science and Engineering Fair Competitions

Project Title or Ideas:

Building a Hydro-Electric Power Generator for Grades 11-12

Specific tasks are:

1. Build a water wheel and a simple galvanometer.

2. Build a simple hydropower generator.

3. Detect the electricity generated.

4. Demonstrate the effect of depth and height of the water on the electricity generated.

5. Demonstrate how water power is converted to electricity.

Building a Solar Car with Functional Lamps for Grades 9-10

Building a Solar Cooker for Grades 7-8

Competition Rules

·         Participant students should form a group containing three students in grades 11 to 12, both from the same school, governmental or private.

·         Project Proposal will be submitted before Megabit 30, 2007 E.C. to Bahir Dar STEM Incubation Center.

·         The proposal should include: 

Ø  Cover page containing title of the project, group members with their respective grades, and the school they are coming, 

Ø  Rationale or significance or objective of the project,

Ø  Theoretical or scientific explanation of the project,

Ø  Procedures and design of the work,

Ø  Implementation schedule,

Ø  Material required, and

Ø  Cost breakdown.

·         Interested candidates can participate in a training program on project proposal writing on Megabit 5, 2007 E.C.

·         Final report and the actual work will be submitted before Sene 10, 2007 E.C.

·         Demonstration or Presentation of the work and awarding ceremony will be held on Sene 27, 2007 E.C.


The first three winner schools and group of winner students in those schools will be awarded during the final presentation time. The awards will be very attractive.

QUESTIONS? Call at 0918708435 or mail to: or visit the website or come to Bahir Dar STEM Incubation Center, near Dilchibo Elementary school.