Sport Academy Dean Message

Bahir Dar University Sport Academy is a newly established institute with the objectives of offering different programs of instruction, research and services regionally, nationally and internationally. The role of the academy in higher education is to prepare students for sport professions in the areas of sports coaching, sports management, sports medicine, sport studies and fitness. To achieve this end, the university has already invested a lot of money for the construction of standardized infrastructures such as a stadium,   different fields for ball games needed for giving quality education and trainings. This really enables the university to have a centre of excellence in sport sciences being the first of its kind in the country. In addition, there is also high level of commitment from the top management of the university to continue the construction of internationally standardized swimming pool and gymnasium. With no exaggeration, this will make the academy unique and the best in East Africa. This coupled with the trained manpower in the academy gives the opportunity to produce competent professionals who will be able to implement effectively the transformation and development  plan of the nation at large and the policies, regulations, strategic plans, etc  of the federal and regional sport commissions specifically


Nowadays, there is a great effort being exerted to transform Bair Dar University to a highly regarded research centre. The sport academy is one of the well established resources with favourable conditions to make this objective successful. Furthermore, the academy has a plan to expand service delivery to the community through research, consultation, short term trainings, and make use of sport facilities. All these services play a great role in achieving one of the university missions, community service, practical and fruitful.  In order to achieve these successfully, a new structural organization of the academy has been approved by the university. The man power is being deployed accordingly to make the academy fully functional. Another tremendous progress is that an MSc program in football coaching has been opened and students are enrolled for the program which will lay a foundation to develop the research culture in the academy.

We strongly believe that different stakeholders can also contribute a lot for the success of the academy. We should be able to create strong links with them. Even though the academy is at its infancy stage, some attempts have been made to create links with sister universities locally and internationally. We will continue our effort to link the academy with many other universities, sport academies, governmental and non -governmental organizations. Taking this opportunity, we would like to announce that the academy is ready to collaborate with all stakeholders concerning any sport activities and it gives professional support to the needy.

I, as a dean of the academy, have no doubt that the academy will become a centre of excellence with the co-operation of the staff members, the usual commitment of the leadership, and active participation of all stakeholders.

Dagnachew Nigeru (Ph.D)

Dean for academy of sport, Bahir Dar University

P.O.Box 79 or 3001


phone: +251 918728283