Mission and Vision


BDU sport academy assures that there is international standard of sport through the use of scientific methodology in teaching and research. So, that it has a vision of being a leading best/ elite sport academy in the east Africa and the world. This mission is accomplished through a through and rigorous course of instruction in varies disciplines which is complementary.


It is established to faster learning through vigorous academy training that stresses high spectators for the student athlete. Through these experiences our graduates will become lifelong learners and positive and productive citizens in their community and country.

It has also a mission to develop and train exceptional sport champions and professionals who are highly educated and it helps individuals to realize healthy and active sporting life style.

Values of the academy                                    Professionalism

Achievement oriented                                     Synergy and team work

Integrity and transparency                               Respect

Pursuit of excellencies                                     Unity        


  Objective of the academy

  The academy has the following objectives:

  1. To enhance the level of performance of talented athletes and coaches and increase the rate of sports development in the region as the nation
  2. To create a structured performance pathway for talented athletes and coaches
  3. To conduct applied research with a view to enhancing coach and athletes performance
  4. To solve problems in sports by solutions through different research activities
  5. To the students, regions and the Nation at large by different sport programs
  6. To prepare men and women for careers in professional sport
  7. To improve the qualities of life for individuals and contribute for the betterment of the community
  8. To help young people to develop self esteem
  9. To provide Varity of fitness facilities for the benefit of the professionals and the community as a whole
  10. Help all sport community to come together and share values of the society