The second annual School of Earth Science conference has been held at Bahir Dar University, Zenzelma campuss

The second annual geoscience conference has been held at Bahir Dar University, Zenzelma campuss on May 30-31, 2019. This geoscience conference has been organized in collaboration with the collage of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and Institutes of Disaster and Risk Management. During the conference the opening remarks and the key note speeches by distinguished guests has been done in the big all of Zenzelma campus for all participants altogether.

Among the key note speakers, Dr Dawit Lebenie is the one who is invited by the school of Earth Sciences. Dr. Dawit is an Associate professor of Sedimentology at University of Gonder. He is also a well-known sedimentologist and petroleum scientist in Ethiopia and international level. During the key note speech Dr. Dawit has talk about his research output entitled with The Evolution of the Blue Nile Gorge “The Grand Canyon of Africa”. In addition, he also discussed the how was “The Birth of Blue Nile River” and the relationship of Egyptian civilizations with the longest Nile river.

After the opening sessions each academic units has undergo their parallel sessions separately. Mainly, our school has experience a very nice research work presentations and discussions with a varieties of geoscientific issues. A total of 15 recent research works has been presented and discussed. Among these 4 research works are presented in poster during coffee and tea breaks.  


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