Director Of SE

Director Message

It is with huge pride that I serve as director of the School of Earth Sciences during this time of continued growth and opportunity for the School and our students.  As a director for the school, I have had many opportunities to observe the impressive work that has created the foundation of our school.   

The department of Geology in Bahir Dar University was founded in the year 2010 under the science college.  As of January 2016, the School of Earth Sciences is located in Zenzelema Campus along with the Institute of Disaster and Risk Management and Food Security and College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. The School’s academic programs include undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology. The graduate level programs offered include Master of Science Degree in Petrology and Hydrogeology. Currently, there are currently 273 students enrolled on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the department. This comprises 40 graduate students and 233 undergraduate students.

As a Director my goal is to continue our commitment to strengthening the three legs of academic excellence i.e. teaching, research, and community service, that will have an impact not only to the Amhara region, but also to the country and worldwide. Having passed through a series of stages of development, the school now has become one of the promising schools in the university.

Our school consists of young, talented, diverse and energetic community of staffs, each of whom brings his or her own perspectives, experiences and ideas to the study and understanding of the geosciences. This diversity allows for a rich teaching-learning environment. They are also eager about mentoring students through their curriculum, engaging students in field and laboratory studies and directing researchers through the seminar presentation and publication process and professional advisors are dedicated to remarkable teaching and advising.

Students in Geology prepare for careers in geological consulting, paleontology, and other geosciences fields. Such as, our graduates have choice to work as researchers, to go to the mining industry and exploration companies, can work as water resource experts, engaged in engineering/construction companies, mitigate natural hazards, study, monitor/consult, and even involve in space exploration.

      I encourage you to look through our website to learn more about our school. I welcome you to join us to teach or pursue the earth science in this school.

I look forward to working with you all.

Minyahl Teferi (PhD)

Director of School