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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Declare the status of each student based on the rule and regulations of the university.
  • Prepare Temporary degree for graduate students
  • Issuances Original degree for alumni.
  • Announcement of different programs for those interested candidates to join in these programs.
  • Preparation of academic calendar for regular, Extension, summer and distance programs.
  • Follow up whether each activity is delivering according to the academic calendar of the university.
  • Providing directions and support for each customer relation and production case team coordinators to deliver fast service for customers alumni.
  • Preparing Statistical bulletin which declares statistical facts about students such as number of programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, retention rate, number of academic and supportive staff and number of students in each college, faculty, and schools.


The registrar office has one chief registrar and one associate registrar together with the other documentation expertise on the central part and there are one customer relation and production case team coordinator with their documentation expertise in each College, faculty, institute, and school. 



 Main Registrar Office 

Tel:   0582205934



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