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Registration form for Extenstion Program Students

Reg. 02A BAHIR DAR UNIVERSITY COLLEGE/FAULTY/INSTITUTE/SCHOOL______________________________ OFFICE OF THE CUSTOMERS RELATION & INFORMATION PRODUCTION CASE TEAM REGISTRATION FORM FOR EXTENSION PROGRAM (Fill in three copies) Full Name: _____________________________ Academic Year: _________ E.C ________G.C ID. No. _______________ Sex __________ Faculty/College/Institute/School __________________ Program: _______ Year: ____ Semester ____ Course Title Course No. Cr. Hours __________________ _____/______/_______ ___________ ____________________________ Advisor’s Name dd mm yy Signature Information and Documentation Case Worker NB. 1. A student is not allowed to be registered for a course(s) if he/she has an ‘F’ or ‘I’ grade(s) for its prerequisite(s) 2. This form must be filled & signed in four copies and two copies should be submitted to the registrars record office, one for the department and one for the student him/her self. 3. The semester total load to be taken must not be less than 8 and greater than 13 Cr. Hr. unless special permission is obtained by Academic commission. 4. Every student is required to bring his grade report to CRIPCT at the time of registration. 5. The registration slip must be returned to the CRIPCT office within the specified date of registration. Otherwise well be penalized. 6. Re-admitted student is not allowed to take new courses rather repeating the previous courses in which he/she scored “D” or “F” grade. Total Amount Receipt No. Extension



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