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Duties and Responsibilities Customer Relation Personel

  • Develop and Release communication and advertising messages-Develop and release communication messages such as updated business unit profile, news, events (academic and/scientific forums), schedules, etc. Develop and release advertising messages regarding forums, trainings, job opportunities, project titles, etc.
  • Develop and maintain business unit’s information and data system-Develop student, staff and other relevant information and data system of the business unit.Maintain the updated information and maintain the data system of the business unit.Interpret the data and generate report.Design strategies to facilitate data access and share with relevant unitsExtract and provide data to the central data system manager.
  • Design and release application forms- Design user-friendly application forms.Design mechanisms of getting feedback online (e.g. via the webmaster) and make sure that applicants can access application forms online from anywhere there is internet connection. Process applications on time and give feedback as scheduled.
  • Select, recruiting and registering students to program, courses, and trainings-Promote programs (in schools, using media, etc.) to get competent and motivated students.Design criteria to admit students (e.g. entrance exam, ESLC results, criteria of specific programs and courses, etc.).Administer selection and admit students to programs, courses and trainings.
  • Collecting, organizing, and ensuring easy access to students’ academic and research records-Compile student statistics biannually and update whenever necessary.
  • Identify and gather relevant business unit information from outside and internal sources-Establish networks, links and partnerships with relevant institutions, consortia, networks, forums, etc.Develop business unit-based homepage/website and link with relevant e-resources.Identify and gather relevant information. Make use of the relevant information and convey to respective units or staff.
  • Receive requests for certification, design and deliver certificates and degrees- Receive requests for certificates and degrees.Check if student or trainee has achieved the requirements for certification/graduation.Process certificates and degrees.Check database that that the student or trainees is clear of items which belong to the business unit or University.Deliver certificates and degrees
  • Provide personal and group advising and consulting services on academic and related issues;
  • Ensure seamless networking and communication with course system teams in the collection and organization of students’ academic records;
  • In collaboration with program management and marketing experts, ensuring timely announcement and advertising of academic programs and schedules;
  • Decide on students’ academic status in consultation with the academic advisors;
  • Communicate students their academic progress in every academic calendar;



 Main Registrar Office 

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