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August 25/2009 EC:-  Notice for PhD and MSc students of Bahir Dar University

"The Ethiopian Doctoral and Masters Academy (EDMA) is part of the wider Global Knowledge Exchange Network (G-KEN) noble initiative. It is conceived by well-meaning Ethiopian volunteers residing in the United Kingdom to genuinely contribute their share to address the challenges the Ethiopian higher education is facing and have taken the first step to facilitate the knowledge exchange & skills-transfer with good intentions of helping to build the research, training & strengthen the research capacity of Ethiopian academic institutions. The Academy therefore brings together Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia academics, researchers & practitioners with a clear aim to help increase research capacity, knowledge production and ultimately to prepare future generations of Ethiopian scholars by supporting doctoral and masters level candidates across Ethiopia coming from various academic disciplines"  For further reading please visit the website:

August 22/2009 EC:- The main advice on how to develop a successful grant proposal is to present it in a well-written language, with a clear solution to a problem stated. One should state all the problem and conceptualize the ideas in his/her mind before writing it down to a paper. Then the concept note should be written  in a one or two page(s) with a motivation of the proposal and the solution which will be provided. Rochester Institute of Technology provided an excellent note about on how to develop a successful proposal. Further reading about this is found here:-

June 10/2009 EC:- To assist BDU's researchers and scientist in developing a project proposal and strengthen the scientific research culture of BDU, a Project Coordination Directorate Office (PCDO) launched this interactive website for a fast and flexible information exchange with the researchers and grant providers worldwide. The PCDO office will gladly assist the researchers and post-graduate students of BDU so as to develop a quality grant proposal by providing all the necessary technical and logistical support through this interactive webpage.