Grants in 2010 E.C

1) EENSAT:-  An innovative capacity development project to strengthen the use of geo-data for agriculture and water to enhance food security

and socio-economic development in Ethiopia in line with the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP)

  • Funder:- Dutch organization for internationalization in education (NUFFIC), University of Twente &  Ministry of Education of Ethiopia
  • Period:-  2018 - 2020 G. C
  • PI:- Dr. Birhanu Gedif-- Institute of Disaster Risk Management 

2) PSNP:- Productive Safety Net Program (

Increase access to safety net and disaster risk management systems, complementary livelihoods services and nutrition

support for food insecure households in rural Ethiopia

  • Funder:- World food program & the government of Netherlands 
  • Period:-  2018 - 2020 G. C
  • PI:- TBA (from BDU), but for the time being Dr. Yihenew G/selasie & Dr. Dereje Ayalew-- College of Agriculture 

3) Access program  

Teaching non-elite 9th and 10th graders

  • Funder:- US embassy
  • Period:-  2018 - 2019 G. C
  • PI:-  Dr. Emily Boersma-- Faculty of Humanities (Department of Language and Literature)

4) HEI ICI – The Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument

Offering support to the higher education institutions to develop their subject-specific, methodological, educational and administrative capacity

  • Funder:- Fennish govrment
  • Period:-  2018 - 2020 G. C
  • PI:- Habtu Hindya-- Faculty of Education 

5) LMEU – Building Institutional Capacity in Leadership and Management of Ethiopian Universities. 

  • Funder:- University of Tampere (Finland) 
  • Period:-  2018 - 2020 G. C
  • PI:- Habtu Hindya-- Faculty of Education

6) Enhancing the Quality and Market Share of the Underutilized Coffee of Amhara Region through Chemical Analysis,

Postharvest Loss Reduction and Mapping for Authentication (Branding)

To conduct chemical investigation, implement good post-harvest practices and establish Geo-database of coffee growing areas.

of Amhara Region to enhance the quality and international market share of coffee types grown in the region

  • Funder:- Ministry of Science and Technology of Ethiopia ( MoST)
  • Period:-  2018- 2020 G. C
  • PI:- Dr Minaleshewa Atlabachew-- College of Science