Mission of the Project Coordination Directorate Office

It is only less than two decades since Bahir Dar University was officially established as a University. Regardless, this young institution has been performing promising research and has a vision to become one of the ten premier research universities in Africa  by 2025 (http://bdu.edu.et/node/491). To achieve this proposed vision,  performing competitive and cutting-edge research through intense global collaboration are  also very mandatory. To realize this, an up-to-date research facilities and research funds are highly required. Thus, to assist Bahir Dar University's staffs in developing project proposal and strengthen the scientific research, a Project Coordination Directorate Office (PCDO) was established in Bahir Dar University in late 2016. The main focus and responsibility of PCDO of Bahir Dar University is thus to bring a strong culture of performing cutting-edge applied and fundamental scientific research through national, continent, and international collaborations. This is doable through tense and highly competitive academic collaborations with the top performing world class universities and institutions.  These days research grants are offered to team of scientists in a competitive way from different parts of the globe who aim to combine their experts to tackle certain problems in an innovative approach and to further question so as to widen the horizon of human knowledge. PCDO  will gladly assist the researchers and post-graduate students of Bahir Dar University in developing a quality grant proposal by providing all the necessary technical and logistical support.

    Thus, do not hesitate to contact us anytime when our need is required and always we are looking forward to assisting you!! smiley


Addis Mekonnen Adamu (Ph.D.)
Project Coordination Director
Bahir Dar University,
Wisdom Tower, 
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Phone:- +251940332198
e-mail:- addis.mekonnen@gmail.com