Institute of Land Administration (ILA) together with Mekele University, Dire Dawa University and Ethiopian Civil Service University has developed this BSc curriculum on Land and Real Property Valuation at Addis Ababa which was initiated and organized by the Modernized Property Tax system Project Office under the Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Construction. The program is designed to train a skilled manpower in the area of Land and Real Property valuation and taxation.    

The establishment of the program has been made with the objective of producing adequately trained manpower in land and real property valuation professionals to lie down the ground for the introduction of a sustainable Modernized Property management System in Ethiopia.

More specifically, the study program upon its implementation will ensure the required quality and quantity of skilled man power for the efficient and effective design and running of well-functioning property valuation and taxation system for its proper and development oriented utilization.  The educational objectives of the program are: 

Ø  To get real property valuers who are capable to apply their skills in understanding the problem of the society, and make a useful contribution to the solution;

Ø  To produce a trained manpower that can apply its knowledge, skills and experiences acquired in real property valuation  to valuation and taxation issues in the country;

Ø  To organize short and long term trainings, workshops, seminars, etc.


Ø  Equip students with confidence, understanding and skills that they need to take up their responsibilities as community service providers;

Ø  To provide continuous, relevant and positive contributions to the improvement of Real property valuation  in Ethiopia;

Ø  To understand and exploit contemporary technologies in real property valuation for the benefits of the society;

Ø   To put in place strategies to support real property valuation  system needs of the country and

Ø   To have the relevant knowledge on planning, setting research project, analyzing results, and use them in their work;