land administartion and surveying department


Land Administration and Surveying offers a 4 year B.Sc. education programme in Land Administration and Surveying for regular students. The programme is divided into five tracks, Basic track, Geomatic track, Economics track, Law track and land administration track. The B.Sc. education has a very holistic approach including several different disciplines which give the students a wide knowledge of the technical, economical, legal and management aspects of land administration. The first students graduated in June 2010. In total ILA is currently educating more than 1700 students in four different programs: Regular, summer, Extension (Evening), and Distance. A new campus, which the Institute of Administration will share with the Faculty of Law, is under construction.


The establishment of the department has been made with objective of producing adequately trained land administration professionals who will serve their community, with various skills: cadastral surveying, land law, real estate valuation and registration , dispute resolution, computer mapping, land use planning, land development and to strengthen the qualification and man power capacity of the personnel in land use and environmental protection authorities, municipalities, counselling and advisory departments and other institutions engaged in land related activities. Specifically, the educational objectives of the program are:


Ø  To get land administrator who are confident to apply their skills in understanding the problem of the society, and make a useful contribution to the solution;


Ø  To apply knowledge, skills and experiences acquired in land administration to contemporary issues of population, environment and gender;


Ø  To organize short and long term trainings, workshops, seminars, etc.


Ø  Equip students with confidence, understanding and skills that they need to take up their responsibilities as community service providers;


Ø  To provide continuous, relevant and positive contributions to the improvement of land administration in Ethiopia;


Ø   To understand and exploit contemporary technologies in land administration for the benefits ofthe society;


Ø  To put in place strategies to support land administration needs of the society;


Ø  To have the relevant knowledge on planning, setting research project, analyzing results, and use them in their work;