Internship Program

The Institute arranges student internship program for regular students two times during the entire study period. The goal of the internship program is to expose students to get practical experience in the areas of Land Administration.
During the internship program students are expected to actively participate and learn different experiences from the participating institutions. The participating institutions are supposed to assign supervisors and other necessary materials/equipments that are deemed necessary to carry out the internship.
        Participating Institutions
The first internship program was conducted in selected relevant area in collaboration with the different institutions in Amhara Region between February 8 to March 7, 2009. The institutions that were taking part in the program were: Amhara Environmental and Land Administration and Use Authority (EPLUA), Amhara Planning Institute and Bahir Dar Municipality.
In the future, the institute is planning to send students to different institutions such as, Municipalities, Urban Planning and Construction Institutes, Environmental and Land Administration Authorities, Banks and other relevant institutions through out the country.
After the internship program, ILA organizes an exit workshop to evaluate the internship program so as to make necessarily improvements for the coming cycles.