Clubs and Associations


Institute of Land Administration Student Association (ILASA)


Since the BSc in Land Administration education started in 2006, the land administration students have aimed at forming their own student association. In the beginning of 2009, a committee of student representatives started working on drafting the regulations, getting advice from legal persons and discussing the draft regulations with the other students and incorporate their comments. The drafting process was finalized in June 2009 and the committee was given the responsibility to register the association at ANRS Justice Bureau. The members of the committee were given the following responsibilities:


  1. Dawit W/Mariam, Chairman  
  2. Zinabu Getahun, V/ Chairman
  3. Niguse Geressu, Treasurer
  4. Tirusew Kebed, Secretary
  5. Nigussie Bekele, Accountant


Institute of Land Administration Students Association has gained legal personality and certified in No, 433/2002 starting from Nov. 08, 2009.The main objectives of the association are:


  • To assist in social, academic and economic related affairs of land administration students.
  • To support teaching learning process in generating well qualified and educated manpower.
  • To create good relation and collaboration with other associations and to participate in development activities of the country.
  • To encourage those students who scored good result in their academic performance and giving academic award for these students
  • To support and encourage those students who have less result in their academic performance and organize tutorial class for these students.
  • To support female students in their academic performance and organize special tutorial classes for female students.


This association has undertaken a number of activities. Some of these are:-


  • Prepared fresh students welcome program in cooperation with the institute and welcomed fresh students.
  • Organized a discussion with fresh students about the association regulation and award students
  • In cooperation with the institute, the association organized a visit for the students to their new campus under construction
  • Prepared membership registration form and registered students who wanted to be members of the association.
  • Prepared coffee ceremony in order to develop good interaction between students and discussion about the association.
  • Organized students to participate in sport festival arranged in Nov. 2009 by BDU Students union and the ILA students participated in football, volley ball and athletics sport.
  • Established electoral board for the election process and conducted election of the association committee members for the coming 2010/2011 academic year.
  • Organized a farewell program where awards were given to students who mostly contributed to the establishment of the association and who served as committee members of the association in 2009/2010 academic year.


The association currently has more than 280 formally registered members. The election process of ILASA is based on party system. Based on the ILASA regulation Article 15(2), the previous committee of the association will elect the electoral board consisting of three members from the general assembly and the electoral board will also elect members from the general assembly for the election process. Based on this, the elected electoral board members were: -


  1. Semahegn Getahun, Chairman 
  2. Gedif Wodaje, Vice Chairman
  3. Niguse Geressu, Secretary


The board elected the following members:-


  1. Hemid Kemal
  2. Teshome Mitiku
  3. Addis Molla
  4. Woldezena Nadew


The board announced to the students to form parties to compete in the electoral process for representation in the association for 2010/2011 academic year and noticed the parties register with their aims, mission and vision. The following parties were registered:-


  1. Unity for strength  
  2. Bright Future
  3. Revolutionary


The committee discussed with parties about the election process, the rights and responsibilities of the parties and ethics of the parties before, during and after the election process. Before the day of election, the parties posted their aims in different places in university main campus. The electoral board called the members of the association for a meeting where the parties presented their aims, mission and vision and their representatives introduced themselves. The election is held on May 30, 2010 with observers from students union and from each of the parties. Immediately after election, the electoral board counted the given cards in the presence of observers from students union and from each of the parties. Based on the count result, the parties got the following results.



Name of parties

Given votes



Unity for strength




Bright Future






















The electoral board announced the result to the members which means that the Revolutionary party is the winner, which is going to lead the association for the coming 2010/11 academic year. The committee members of the winner party are:-


  1. Mebratu Tilahun
  2. Abdu Hussein
  3. Abera Beshada
  4. Eskedar Birhan
  5. Deslegn Addis
  6. Kindu Temesgen
  7. Awol Eshetu 
  8. Eshetu Mekonnen