The Institute of Land Administration in Collaboration with the Distance Education Office is in the process of developing multiple character and behavior development blended learning solutions that will provide our current and prospective students, individuals and organizations access to an E-learning environment so they can go further with their learning in an enriching and user friendlysystem.

Outlined below are the main principles of the system in production, principles that will be supported by various learning tools (interactive video, study guides, CDs, cross training exercise and other technologies, etc.). Each principle will have tools to support the instructor/advisor and the participant.

  • Our teaching-learning process has been compared to piling the stones of experience, one on-top of the other, to assist you accomplish your final destination: Knowledge. The system will do this by providing:
  • Quality on-line training classes on a diversity of topics.
  • Tailored E-learning course design for organizations, including both self-paced, self-study and guided online training and seminars
  • Services that build on your existing knowledge and experience allowing you or your organization to extend your possibilities.
  • Cost effective online information sources, education materials, classes, and technical Web services.

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