Training and Consultancy

ICT Training and Consultancy Unit is providing service to the university and various organizations and communities 

Training and Consultancy Unit Roles and responsibilities:

  • Establish and Administrate industrial standard ICT academies of the University
  • Identify the skill gap, prepare and manage technology related trainings for the office and the university community at large
  • Perform other related tasks given by the Director
  • Keeps update the team members in order to conduct a research if there is a technological change
  • Prepare and submit quarterly performance report for the Director
  • Communicate and establish relationships with the local and international partners in order to have an experience sharing and provision of training to the Directorate's employee and the university community
  • Arrange trainings for the ICT team
  • Training is provided in planned events
  • Training offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced level for most ICT workers
  • Events advertised through distributed emails to all staff and partner institutions

ICT Training Team, work activities

Training Courses to be given

  • Basic computer & office machine maintenance training
  • Training on basic computer skills.
  • E-learning software training
  • wired & wireless training
  • using Email training
  • fax service training
  • using database

Training and Consultancy