Roles and Responsiblities

  • Accountable to  Vice Presedent of Business & Development of the University
  • Advise the University management and top officials on the ICT development and management
  • Prepare the annual plan and implement as per the plan.
  • Appoint the case team leaders in consultation with the V/P and supervise their performance
  • Prepare project plan for ICT development and expansions
  • Prepare annual budget of the directorate and administrate it as per the plan
  • Coordinate and control the performance of the case team leaders
  • Manage and Control the appropriate use of the University's ICT resources including public addresses
  • Represent the university with ICT related issues and provide a non confidential information to the third party
  • Prepare a quarterly performance report and submit for the V/P office
  • Perform other ICT related tasks given by the V/P and other university officials



ICT Structure