Director's Message

The very purpose of ICT Directorate is to ensure information communication technology infrastructures and services of BDU promote the basic missions of the university. The ICTD therefore focuses on research and teaching, community services and good governance. ICT is the primary means through which Information and knowledge are transmitted world-wide, and through which people interact bridging the barriers of space and time. Hence Universities all over the world are prioritizing the use of ICT in their core and support processes, so does BDU.

Bahir Dar University has invested a lot to enhance the ICT infrastructure and promote the knowledge and skills of ICTD staff's in the last five years. Consequently  the ICT Directorate has been strived much in support of teaching and learning, academic information services, research, community services, and administration and management. The office has;   

a) Properly installed different technologies,

b) Provide training for the staff to manage and maintain these, and

c) Build a governance structure geared towards organizational embedding and sustainability

These three ‘pillars’ provide the BDU infrastructural platform on which the applications systems can run, in turn supporting the basic business processes of BDU. Currently, more than five application systems run seamlessly through its LAN besides different network services, of which few makes BDU peculiar from that of the Public Universities in the country.

BDU ICT Directorate office encourages the university community to use the ICT resources in comply with the BDU interest and values;

  •  Appropriate use , used for their authorized purpose
  •   Proper Authorization , consistent with their authorization  Indeed, Specific proscriptions on use, which is running against BDU's core values may include:-
  •   use that impedes, interfere with, impairs, or otherwise causes harm to the activities of others
  •   Use that is inconsistent with University’s non-profit status
  •   Harassing or threatening use; display of offensive, sexual material in the workplace and repeated unwelcome contacts with another
  •   Use damaging the integrity of University or other ICT Systems, these includes;
  1.   Attempts to defeat ICT services system security
  2.  Unauthorized access or use, BDU recognizes the importance of preserving the privacy of users and data stored in application systems. Users must honor this principle by neither seeking to obtain unauthorized access to these Systems, nor permitting or assisting others in doing the same.

BDU ICT Directorate will continue to work together with the management and staff to exploit the maximum from the technology onwards to the e-University and consecutively meet the vision 2025.

        Yibeltal Maru (ICT Director)   

         Phone: +251 909 56 62 96 


Message from Director