Support the quality of teaching, research and community service and administrative functions of Bahir Dar University by providing access to recorded knowledge and information through deliberate activities of acquisitions, organization, preservation and interpretation of information appropriate to current and future needs of the university community and the public  at large.


  • Support and facilitate the teaching, learning, research and  outreach activities of BDU through the provision of and access to appropriate literature and information resources in electronic media formats.

  • Organize, maintain and provide access to information resources in such a way as to provide optimum benefit for Researchers   and other end users.

  • Supply services and expertise designed actively to prompt the  effective exploitation of the digital information resources.

  • Design and develop different application systems inorder to make  the university's service effective and efficient.

  • Support and facilitate the university’s service to the students and other end users

   Core Values  

  •  Create conducive environment for academic excellence in teaching, learning and research

  •  Promote a high degree of academic integrity through exhaustive  and timely delivery of information

  •  Foster unrestricted sharing of knowledge and information in a manner that guarantees academic and intellectual freedoms

  •  Adhere to professional standards and international codes in service delivery

  •  Champion the role of the e-teaching and Internet pools in fulfilling the social and development responsibility

  •  Enhance creative thinking and innovative practice among  ICT staff and users

  •  Promote the spirit of research that is relevant and responsive to the needs of the society

  •  Facilitate and accelerate the collective use of ICTs in enhancing information and knowledge delivery

Mission and Vision