Two Faculty staff successfully defended their dissertation with the highest rating !

Fikirte Demissie and Fitsum Dechasa, faculty at the department of Geography and Environmental Studies have successfully defended their PhD theses at the University of Addis Ababa where they have been pursuing their studies. Both colleagues scored the highest mark with their theses rated “Excellent”. Dr. Fikirtewrote her thesis on “Planning for area closure management and ecological connectivity in Libokemekem District of the Lake Tana watershed, South Gonder, Ethiopia”, while Dr. Fitsum’s Dissertation is entitled  “ Wetland Management in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia: Analysis of Environmental Behavior, Economic Valuationand Stakeholder’s Analysis”

 The news of their completion comes as a moment of pride for the faculty not just because of the highest rating they had received but also due to the fact that theduo have increased the number of women faculty with PhDs by 50%


Congratulations to Dr. Fikirte and Dr. Fitsum  !