Powers and Responsibilities of the Dean

 As per article 39 of the Senate Legislation (May 2019), the powers and responsibilities of Deans include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Formulating the AU's strategic and annual plans and submitting the plan for Academic vice  President and Research and Community Service for approval;
  • Communicating and inculcating the AUs strategy, vision, mission and objective to AU members, and internal and external stakeholders;
  • Directs t-learning, research, community service, technology transfer, quality enhancement, and other issues in the AU.
  • Developing, together with the AU vice Deans/vice Directors and Academic Council, core process performance standards, procedures, and guidelines;
  • Oversee the proper functioning of the academic unit level administrative bodies (registrar, finance, human resource, general serve, procurement, and others);
  • Implementing continuous quality management and process improvement initiatives;
  • Ensuring customer and stakeholder satisfaction on the AU's  core processes and programs;
  • Developing better work systems, environment, and incentive system so as to improve the motivation of staff, efficiency, and effectiveness; Establishing and maintaining bilateral and multilateral partnerships with international and local bodies;
  •   Representing and advocating his AU in internal and external affairs, in external intellectual and social affairs and events; attend and speak on behalf of his AU on the annual process and university meeting
  • Ensuring the provision of resources, facilities, training, and education needed for the AU’s staff; Ensuring that the budget for scholarship related costs such as airfare is allocated in their annual plans.
  • allocating budget for RCS activities and follow up its proper implementation and utilization.
  • Ensuring the delivery of adequate, continuous and relevant staff development, training and education programs in collaboration with international partners, university leadership and others;
  • Authorizing temporary degrees issued by the AU and original degrees together with the President;
  • Creating, improving and maintaining core processes in academic, research, community services, and technology transfer; Developing appropriate staff development programs in line with the target performance goals of the AU's  core processes;
  • Conducting periodic and continuous impact assessment and evaluation on the performance of the AU's core processes;
  • Benchmarking local and foreign best practices in areas related to the AUs services and deliverables and process;
  • Appoint department heads, course chairs, and equivalent
  • Prepare and communicate different performance reports of the AU.
  • Perform additional tasks given by the Academic vice president and/or research and community service vice president.