Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Website of the Faculty of the Social Sciences at BDU.

In its currently actively running, 8 Undergraduate, 11 Masters and 3 PhD programs, our faculty provides training to meet the human Resource needs of the country in the field of Social Sciences. Graduates from the faculty currently work in various positions throughout the country including in key leadership positions in government. A recent tracer study by the University has found that 86% of graduates of the faculty get employed opportunity in the first or second year of their graduation – a figure that excelled the performance of many other fields in the university.

Apart from teaching, the Faculty is conspicuously present in its weekly seminars and expert analysis of its scholars on regional and national Media. it undertakes. In fact, the faculty leads effort of the university to jump start a culture of dialogue and discourse in our campuses, and as part of this endeavor it organizes a serious of lectures, seminars on issue of common concern. If you would want to join us in one of these occasions either as a participant or a presenters, we would be happy to hear from you!!

The needs of the country for Social science training and has never been so high, with Ethiopia going through a massive political change. Although we believe we have done so much for the last decade ever since the establishment faculty, we are also the aware of the massive expectations laid up on us. As we are striving with higher standards set for ourselves, this nationwide challenge would be the one we would be taking head on in the coming years.

Taking this opportunity, I wish to invite you to collaborate and work with us while we try to tackle these social, political and economic  challenges facing our nation and thrive as a center of excellence in the field of Social Sciences in Ethiopia and beyond.


Kalewongel Minale (PhD)

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Contact: +251937392806