Duties and Responsibilities of Vice Dean for Postgraduate, Research and Community Services

 As per Article 41 of the Senate Legislation (May 2019), Graduate, Research and Community Services vice Dean shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Plan (short the term, long term), follow up the implementation and report the graduate program activities
  • Prepare standard, framework, guidelines and strategies for enhancing PG programs,
  • Follow up the students progress from admission to graduation
  • Initiate and monitor the development of new programs and review of existing postgraduate programs and curricula based on needs and national priorities.
  • Prepares capacity building programs for postgraduate students and staff.
  • Promote and work on internationalization of programs
  • Follow up graduate students progress report
  • Ensuring the the relevance of postgraduate students research with the thematic areas of the
  • Lead weekly research seminars and make sure active participation of graduate students
  • Lead annual and other related research seminars, conferences and ensure active participation of
    graduate students and staffs
  • Announce research calls, assign evaluators and award research grants by giving due priorities to
    researchers that incorporate graduate students.
  • Provide support and follow up for research projects and report the performance to respective
  •   Initiate research projects and grant writings
  •  Plan, coordinate and monitor the community services and technology transfer activities and report the performance accordingly.
  •  Perform other activities assigned by the dean.