Duties and Responsibilities of Chair Holders

As per article 43 of the Senate Legislation (May 2019), chair holders shall:

  1.  appointed for an unlimited number of years, but the appointment is subject to revision at every academic year based on merit/academic productivity.
  2. Be an associate professor and above unless the condition does not allow.
  3. Serve as member of the department council.
  4. coordinate the preparation and implementation of course materials and continuous assessment
    (course guidebooks, availability of reference books, quizzes, useful exercise, assignments, exams, etc)
  5. Assign instructors who will be teaching the specific courses for all types of programs and communicating their loads to the department head consistent with appropriate academic unit
    workload expectations.
  6. Assist department heads in preparation of class schedule.
  7. Organize guest lectures, field experiences, laboratory activities, and other related tasks to the students in the courses.
  8. Produce and organize local knowledge in the course.
  9.  Organize tailor-made trainings.
  10.  Recommend the department head on courses and modules subject to revision and demanding for further approval.
  11. Complete the appraisal of course team members.
  12. Adapt procedures, tools and manuals for course delivery.
  13. Organize and Coordinate the course team.
  14.   Provide representation on subject authority and set standards.
  15. Work together with the department head in the development and evaluation of courses and the program.
  16. Address students academic problems in the courses.
  17. Should be receptive to questions, complaints, grievances and suggestions from staff members and students with regard to the provision of the courses. The chair has the responsibility to take appropriate action as required.
  18.  Conduct biweekly seminars of the module he leads or chairs
  19.  Conduct research and community service-related activities.
  20. Execute additional tasks given by the department head