A Brief Background of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences is one of the academic and business units of Bahir Dar University. It was restructured and established in November 2008 as a split of the former Education faculty. Currently, the faculty has eight undergraduate and sixteen postgraduate programs (12 Masters and 4 Ph.D. programs). Social Anthropology, Political Science and International Relations (PSIR), Civics and Ethical Studies (BA), Civics and Ethical Education (BED), Geography and Environmental Studies (BA), Geography and Environmental Studies (BED), History and Heritage Management (BA), and History and Heritage Management (BED) are programs where the faculty runs undergraduate studies. The twelve ongoing graduate program (Masters) are in Social Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies, Civics and Ethical Studies, Geography and Environmental Studies, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Population Studies, History (its focus is on the Modern History of the Nile valley regions), Heritage and Museum Studies, Social Work,  and Gender and Development Studies. The faculty has four ongoing Ph.D. programs in Political Science and International Studies, Social Anthropology, Geography and Environmental Management, and in History. Generally, the faculty has eight undergraduate, Twelve Masters, and four Ph.D. programs.