Academic Advisors

 As per article 45 of the Senate Legislation (May 2019, Academic staff assigned as mentors (academic advisors) shall assume the roles and responsibilities to:

  1. Interact with their assigned students on a regular basis according to mutually agreed frequency and duration;
  2. Follow up the strengths and weaknesses of their group through continuous and regular monitoring of their academic performance;
  3.  Help students develop personal academic goals or learning plans and facilitate their progress towards their goals;
  4. Advise those students who express a desire or need (e.g. students with academic difficulties) for individual attention and shall help them in their learning process.
  5.  Register students for course and advice on matters of add/drop based on the calendar.
  6.  Provide relevant evidence to course chairs on students academic problems and support
  7. Act as learning consultants to their assigned group. In this role, they shall help students
    develop strategies for learning, studying, improving academic standards and developing
    competence in their selected programs of study;
  8.   Whenever necessary, these advisors shall make networks with other AU members and
    help students to meet their learning and developmental needs.
  9. Help students choose minors, electives, and specializations in their areas of study;
  10.  Whenever there is a change of advisors there should be proper handover of studentsrecords. All documents relating to a student are maintained in strictest confidence.
  11. Students should feel free to discuss with their Advisor all personal, social, and other problems that directly or indirectly threaten their academic performance. Students will also benefit from the guidance and counseling office if their problems are beyond the capacity of their advisors.