Total Quality Management of Bahir Dar University

Bahir Dar University (BDU) is one of the first generation public universities whose intake capacity and diversity of teaching-learning, research and community services programs are continually increasing from year to year. The University is in the process of institutional transformation to meet and satisfy the interests of its customers, and working towards assuring quality education. It has the responsibility of undertaking and is encouraging relevant academic programs, research, and community services in priority areas, which are important pillars in making become center of excellence in selected areas of teaching- learning, research and community services. To achieve its vision of becoming one of the ten premier research universities in Africa by 2025, BDU has exercised pursuits of wisdom, innovation, excellence, social responsibility, diversity, and internationalization as its main core values.

To implement all these activities, and to ensure quality in different activities of the university, BDU has created a new structure to amalgamate different Directorates which had been previously assigned under the President Office. Thus, Total Quality Management (TQM) has been established based on demand driven survey conducted by a team of professionals recruited by BDU management body. As per the recommendation of the survey findings and approval by the management body, TQM has been established at Executive Director level in November 2018.  Thus, TQM Directorate, which is responsible to the BDU President Office,  organizes and administers four Directorates (Quality Assurance, (QA) Institutional Transformation (InT), Deliveroloy Unit (DU), and Training Center (TC), and two other Directorates (Exam Center (EC), and Kaizen) will be established in the near future. In each Directorate there are coordinators including quality Assurance coordinators from each Academic Unit, and as many experts as necessary.

Contact address:

Dessalegn Ejigu Berhane (PhD)

Executive Director, Total Quality Management

Office: 303, Wisdom tower

Telephone: Office: +251583206078, cell phone; 0918769703

Email: dessalegn_ejigu@yahoo.com/kidu2003@gmail.com