Enhancing the practical skill and work ethics of interns as a result of effective internship program

Outcome measure

Students who are eligible for internship successfully completed the internship program and obtain jobs in industry.


Awareness of the industry will be improved, industry's need for interns will increase, internal and external mentors will appropriately supervise interns, interns commitment will be improved


Number of interns sent for internship every semester 

Resources required

President, UIL director, Deans, Dpt heads, Staffs, Budget undetermined, MIS & ICT, QA, DU,

Definition of success

By 2020, interns will be employed within the organization where they  worked their internships and the overall employability of graduates will improve


1. UIL workshop
2. Review of internship curriculum
3. Orientation of interns and mentors
4. Supervision and monitoring


UIL director


The  strategy will have 60% impact on the overall employability of the graduates